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Mineral Benefit Awareness

Your body deals with mineral absorption in three different ways:

  1. During digestion the inorganic mineral can be ionized (positively charged) so they will attract to special carrier proteins on the intestinal mucosal layer as it travels the intestine. This process is inefficient due to:
    • Competition from other minerals for these limited carrier proteins. Mineral forms actually fight each other and block absorption as they travel the intestine.
    • These inorganic ionized mineral forms can bind with unabsorbable compounds like oxalates (abundant in leafy greens) and phytates (abundant in nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains) where they are ultimately excreted.

  2. In digestion the inorganic minerals can be converted into organic chelated mineral forms for better absorption. This can only occur:
    • In the stomach and within the first 10 inches of the intestine as food is moving through
    • If there is food protein available (broken down into amino acid fragments) during the exact time the inorganic mineral is present.
    • If people don’t suffer from poor digestion, low stomach acid or low protein intake resulting in less available amino acid fragments for this process.

  3. If a pre-chelated mineral form is taken it will be available for absorption throughout the entire digestive process including the stomach. Clinical studies have proven this is the most available mineral form for the body because:
    • The mineral is neutrally charged, not a charged ion that can bind with food matter and be excreted.
    • Does not create competition with other minerals for the carrier proteins on the intestinal mucosal layer during digestion.
    • Albion's Amino Acid Chelates are a stable form of mineral compound that does not break apart during digestion - Why Chelated Minerals are Not Created Equal.
    • More gentle on the digestive tract due to the organic mineral form, for example Albion’s iron chelate is known in the industry as “The Gentle Iron”.